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Top 3 Mirror-less Cameras

Top 3 Mirror-less Cameras

Once upon a time, photographers, professional, and beginner both were depending on the only DSLR for their clicks. But after the launch of mirrorless cameras, they are now thinking again about the usability of DSLR.

A few years ago, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILS) camera, which is also known as compact system camera (CSC) came into the market and changed the definition of a professional camera. The main idea of a mirrorless camera is reducing the weight of the camera by eliminating the mirror and optical viewfinder, which is common in traditional DSLR. When CSC was launched for the first time, kin photographers didn’t take it as their professional camera because it had some disadvantages such as not having autofocus and wide lens range as DSLR, the photos don’t look like as natural as DSLR and so on. But in recent year, the market of CSE or mirrorless camera is grown so fast, because the developers now develop its features. Now we share with you the top 3 mirrorless cameras with their distinct features and affordable price that are available in the market.

Mirror Less Cameras

  1. Fujifilm X T-20:

Sensor size: APS-C, 368 sq mm| Resolution: 24.3MP| Viewfinder: EVF| Display: 3.0-inch tilt- angle touchscreen display, 1040000 dots| Shooting speed: 8 fps| Movies: 4k| Weight: 13.5 oz| Price: $899

After getting a huge popularity of Fujifilm X T-2, the company now released a new compact, lighter, smaller and less expensive version with same features that named as Fujifilm X T-20. It becomes one of the most impressive CSE on market today because of its outstanding image quality and high response times for autofocus tracking. Besides the camera works with the X mount lenses and advanced SR auto mode which make it a bit different from all other mirrorless cameras.

  1. Olympus OM- D E-M10 Mark 2:

Sensor size: Micro Four Thirds, 225 sq mm| Resolution: 16.1MP| Viewfinder: EVF| Display: 3.0-inch tilt- angle touchscreen display, 1037000 dots| Shooting speed: 8.5 fps| Movies: 1080p| Weight: 13.8 oz. Price: $549

Olympus OM-D E-M10 was very popular because of its size, versatility and low price, but the new version of it, which is known as E-M 10 Mark 2 added some features which make it huge different than its big brother. People who have a low budget can’t get the hind-end models made by Olympus, can purchase this camera, which has Olympus signature image quality. After the big brothers 3- axis image stabilization system, it’s come with the 5- axis image stabilization system.

  1. Sony Alpha A7R 2:

Sensor size: Exmor R CMOS, 864 sq mm| Resolution: 42.4MP| Viewfinder: EVF| Display: 3.0-inch tilt- angle touchscreen display, 2400000 dots| Shooting speed: 5 fps| Movies: 4k| Weight: 22.1 oz| Price: $2698

The expensive camera, which all can’t be afford but still it can be said that it is the best mirrorless camera launched by Sony, who is change the meaning of mirrorless camera totally. The camera feature an impressive 42.4 MP fully new back-illuminated image sensor, built in 5- axis image stabilization system with for the first time fully 4k video quality in CSE camera, improved low light performance and so on.

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