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How To Setup A Photography Studio

How To Setup A Photography Studio

A photography studio might sound something simple to start but it is not. It takes a lot to setup your own photography studio and that’s the reason why most photographers do not go for one initially. However, if you are interested, here are the steps that you need to keep in mind.

Photography Setup

  • Selecting a space:

The first thing that you need to do is selecting a space for your studio. If your budget is limited then select a space in your own home, it helps you to save the expenses of renting a studio. Select a space and then clear it out. The space of the room that you selected depends on which types photos do you want to shot. Try to select a space that is quite enough big in height and width. If it is not available, then be happy with the space that you have.

After selecting the space you will have to look at your light source. If you can use daylight, then use it. It does not only save your money but also help you to shot great photos. But in some shots outside light source can hamper your photo. In that context, first get sure that the entrance of outsourcing light is closed. You will need umbrella light for some specific shots. Buy umbrella flash with remote control and don’t forget about your DSLR flash. You can use it when you shot portrait. Another thing, if your ceiling is low than normal, then it will work as the light reflector. So, keep it in mind during a photo-shoot.

  • Use beautiful and creative backdrops:

Different beautiful backdrops can change the aesthetics of the photos that you shot. You can save money by making your own backdrops and you can be creative in this. Before creating backdrops, first, paint your wall with white color, it has a great impact on the light. Then you need planning for creative backdrops. Then fixed a curtain rod on the ceiling or you can use another two rods with the stand to make it movable. After that, buy some fabrics with different color and print, after that hang them on the rod with your choice at the time of photo shoot. You can also use different artwork in the background, it helps you to look different.

  • Use props:

Because of the limited budget, sometimes the photos that you captured in your own studio start to look similar. If you start to use different props, it will help you to change the angle and looking at the photos.

  • Waiting area:

It may be looks odd to you, but in a professional studio, they must have a waiting area for the clients. If you can manage to make a waiting area it will have a great impact on your client. Don’t need so much for this, a small space and two or three seated sofas, it will be enough. But be creative with it.


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